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As part of its maritime brand building, Scana ASA changes the name of its portfolio companies Scana Skarpenord, Scana Offshore and Scana Subsea to Skarpenord, Seasystems and Subseatec, respectively.

From Scana Skarpenord to Skarpenord

Today, Scana Skarpenord is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic valve control systems for the oil, gas, and shipbuilding industries. In addition, the company also focuses on retrofits and services related to its own products. Now Scana Skarpenord changes name to just Skarpenord.

“Skarpenord is a well-established and well-known name, which reflects a great industrial history from Rjukan over the past 60 years and is recognized both at home and abroad. With the name change we now want to cultivate the Skarpenord name even further. The company will continue to have a unique position in the market and will focus on product development to fit today’s and future the customer needs,” says Styrk Bekkenes, CEO of Scana ASA.

Scana Skarpenord was established in the late 1960s as a department in Norsk Hydro, Rjukan Fabrikker. In 1985, Skarpenord left Norsk Hydro and became an independent company, and in 1989 Scana Industrier acquired the company.

Skarpenord continues as part of the Scana grouping. Read more at www.skarpenord.no

Scana Offshore becomes Seasystems

The company known today as Scana Offshore was established in 1953. The organization is small and efficient, focusing on high competence and great flexibility within its field of expertise.

For the past four years, Scana Offshore has adjusted its strategy towards the green shift. From being a pure supplier of equipment to the oil and gas industry, the company is now focusing more on fish farming and floating wind power – and has had its breakthrough in both these markets in recent years. In the floating wind power market, Scana Offshore secured a proper foothold in April 2020 with a substantial contract to deliver anchoring to the Hywind Tampen project.

“The company now changes its name to Seasystems, which is a broader and more flexible name for today’s business. We are currently active in several segments, which gives us a good spread in several industries. A new name supports this venture, and the company is taking new and exciting steps in the right direction – focusing on sustainable development,” says Styrk Bekkenes.

Seasystems continues as part of Scana. Read more at www.seasystems.no

Subseatec emerges

Scana Subsea was established in 2009 but has a Nordic industrial history that stretches back several centuries. The company delivers high-quality steel products specifically tailored to the customer’s needs in the oil and gas industry and is one of the most experienced specialist companies in the world within forged riser applications. Now this Scana daughter also changes her name and becomes Subseatec.

“The company has had an excellent start to 2020 and is experiencing a record order backlog. This gives us greater predictability for the future,” says a satisfied Styrk Bekkenes.

Subseatec continues as part of Scana.

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For questions related to the name changes, please contact the managing director at each location:

Scana (formerly Incus Investor)

Styrk Bekkenes | CEO | styrk.bekkenes@scana.no | +47 40 40 35 20

Skarpenord (formerly Scana Skarpenord)

Egil Kjeldsen | Managing Director | egil.kjeldsen@skarpenord.no | +47 96 22 95 82

Seasystems (formerly Scana Offshore)

Torkjell Lisland | Managing Director | torkjell.lisland@scana.no | +47 46 91 80 44

Subseatec (formerly Scana Subsea)

Peter Jansson | Managing Director | peter.jansson@scanasubsea.se | +46 550 25392

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